Peter created visually striking covers that captured the content and mood of the books. His first drafts were just right.
Walter Cummins

editor and publisher, Sept. 3, 2020

I really enjoyed working with Peter—he encouraged me to step back and consider some other options for my cover. He was open to my ideas and I really love my book cover! Thanks Peter!
Elisheba Haqq-Stevens

author of 'Mamaji: a memoir', May 5, 2020

Peter’s work on the “The Nutroom Trip” cover is outstanding. Given a dozen or so designer options, it took little time to chose Peter Selgin, his vast experience in the literary market in current and historic trends was the value that led to a beautiful and catching design. 

Michael Cass

author of 'The Nutroom Trip', Apr 8, 2020, michaelcassbooks.com

As always, Mr. Selgin is a top-quality collaborator. Insightful, visionary, and pragmatic. Peter will not only help your concept reach fruition, but he will also surprise you with subtle nuances and innovate artwork that could only come from such an artist, scholar, and writer. With Peter, you’re getting the whole package. Expect to be blown away with any art you receive and relieved that your book cover (or otherwise) is in good hands.
Nathan Elias

author of 'The Reincarnations', Aug 9, 2020

Peter was an excellent collaborator. He presented me with a design that perfectly captured what I was looking for even though I wasn’t initially sure of what I wanted. The entire process was smooth and the few minor adjustments that were needed were performed quickly and professionally. Hope to work with him again in the near future. Thanks Peter!
Charles Iacuzzo

author of Bon Vivant, Sept. 2020

I wanted to give him four stars for something so all the five stars didn’t look like a gimmick. However, he didn’t four-star on any category. But, truly, on quality and value its six stars. I’ve worked with other very good cover artists, but they don’t compare in terms of ability. Sometimes talent is mutually exclusive with professional customer service, but not for this artist. Can’t recommend him enough. Always excellent work and professionalism.
Dean Arnold

author of Unknown Empire, March 8, 2019

Peter is a complete professional: prompt, knowledgeable about publishing, an award-winning first rate author, and sophisticated, adult, whimsical cartoonist with an artist’s sense of color, easy-going, and a designer who delivers on time. He’ll read some of your manuscript and hear what you’ve got to say about the book before coming up with four or five cover concepts. You’ll discuss the merits of each and decide on the concept you want. His first take was pretty much what I had envisioned. A few tweaks here and there and voila, it was done to my satisfaction. It’s important you tell him everything you want included on the cover, and what you want played up. He’ll comment on what he thinks is appropriate; he’s got a very good eye, and his experience in publishing and as an author informs his preferences. Ultimately, the final decision is yours, however he won’t be shy saying what he thinks will best serve your interest.
Yaakov Shore

editor and publisher, Jun 1, 2020

Peter Selgin is wonderful to work with and moved quickly to create a super book cover for my novel and a logo for my business. He put up with me not knowing a lot about the process as it was my first attempt to publish. He gave the book cover the exact look that I wanted. He’s top notch!
Belinda Barrett

author of 'The Mistresses of Wistmere', Oct. 17, 2019