Recently I designed covers for two award-winning novels by Jerome Charyn, Cesare and Sergeant Salinger (both Bellevue Literary Press). Sergeant Salinger is a biographical novel focusing on Salinger’s time in WWII. I also did covers for My Life With Woman, Thomas E. Kennedy’s bildungsroman in two parts, Nathan Elias’ story collection The Reincarnations and also his debut novel Coil, Quake, Rift, memoir Elisheba Mamaji, and Aseroë, an “autofictional” novel by Francois Dominique (English translation by Richard Sieburth and Howard Limoli).

I also designed the cover and completed 32 pen-and-ink chapter illustrations for British occultist David Conway’s memoir, Magic: a Life in More Worlds than One.

I’ve also been commissioned to design the overall series look and all covers for a CNF anthology with a social equity theme (“EQ”) for Trinity University Press.